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Lee Oskar Harmonicas Teacher Steve Lockwood
Learn to Play the Harmonica with Acclaimed Teacher Steve Lockwood


Informal, fun and customized harmonica lessons for beginners to university/professional levels and everyone in between!


As a highly qualified and experienced harmonica teacher, Steve offers lessons tailored for each individual’s level and interests.


Whether you are just starting out or wish to further develop your skills and artistic range, harmonica lessons with Steve can help you grow musically in a very enjoyable way. Steve has scored thousands of tunes for both traditional diatonic and altered tunings as well as hundreds of backing tracks that can be used in your learning program.


Cost per hour (approx price)
  • UK £35.00
  • US $45.00
  • Euro €40.50


For online sessions via Skype, Steve will send you the music and scores prior to the session, and you will work on it together over the session.


Steve’s Skype name is harptuition or you can search for Steve Lockwood in Cambridge, UK


You may email him at steve@steve-lockwood.com to discuss further and/or book an initial session.


Booking a lesson is quick and easy. Just fill out the form below with your goals and contact information, and Steve will get back to you quickly to schedule an introductory session. Lessons are conducted via Skype (or similar).


Steve recommends a starter block of (4) lessons for students who are just starting out. This will allow you to learn the building blocks of playing such as proper breathing, mouth position and basic song structure and playing with rhythm.


Soon you will discover all of the musical possibilities!






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