About Steve Lockwood


Steve Lockwood started playing music as a singer in bands and writing songs on the guitar. He picked up the harmonica which seemed a natural progression to enhance his frontmanship.


As an ambitious young musician Steve taught himself to play by listening to the greats. He fell in love with the harmonica’s expressive abilities and as he learned more about the mysteries of the instrument, Steve vowed to share with others the secrets to making it sing.


He discovered the joys of playing Lee Oskar Harmonicas  whilst touring Europe Рbecause they sound great, outlast the competition and are a more stable and reliable instrument for a touring musician.

Combining playing music with teaching is the perfect balance for Steve’s creative sensibilities. When playing music, Steve can ride the wave of what the harmonica offers to compliment and connect with other instruments.


When teaching, Steve’s approach is geared towards the student’s needs and ability on the instrument, delivering a wide range of skills and techniques to songs and practise pieces. Steve is committed to working with students by first understanding their musical ambitions and then matching his knowledge and passion for the instrument, and his honed teaching approach, to get results and support students to achieve their goals.


Over the last 30 years, Steve has played over 4,000 concerts and been on 100 albums as a performer (frontman and harmonica). He has worked as a session musician and producer. Steve has played with many harmonica legends including Larry Adler, Lee Oskar, Honey Boy Edwards, Lazy Lester and Douglas Tate. He has recorded albums with both the Royal Philharmonic (London) and Prague Philharmonic Orchestras.

Steve Lockwood Professional harmonica instructor
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Steve achieved a degree in music from Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK, he was the only one specializing in harmonica and also achieved a post graduate teaching qualification from Greenwich University, London. As well as playing with a variety of bands has gone on to compose and play music for film, television and radio worldwide. Steve teaches harmonica at Universities in Cambridge and Newcastle, UK.


His dynamic and versatile playing incorporates both traditional and avant-Garde techniques to an inspired level. His musical influences include the range of popular musics from the last 100 years from early blues and jazz through soul and funk into today’s array of dance, pop, rock and folk musics.


Being a session musician for many years has allowed Steve a thorough understanding of song styles and construction. Steve teaches a range of students from beginner to elite, face to face and via live virtual methods including Facetime and Skype. Steve enhances every lesson with rich support materials. Recent teaching includes writing and teaching harmonica parts for Sir Tom Jones through to guiding a university student through a 15 minute piece to be played with an international orchestra.