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Lee Oskar Harmonicas Teacher Steve Lockwood

Learn how to play your Lee Oskar Harmonicas from professional teacher and player Steve Lockwood. Easy to understand, fun and rewarding, Steve’s lessons take your playing to a new level – by improving your current skills or exploring altered harmonica tunings for different genres of music.


Learn to master the harmonica in any style of music and in any key. Steve uses the entire Lee Oskar Harmonicas system on a daily basis and has over a thousand songs scored out, in both harmonica tab and music notation. There is no need to be able to read music, Steve can also teach you by ear. Learn how to combine instruments together such as ukulele or guitar and harmonica.

Unlock the power of the harmonica


Steve Lockwood can also guide you through the Lee Oskar QuickGuide, a comprehensive, educational website created by Lee Oskar, designed with the sole purpose of teaching you step-by-step how to play different genres of music with the harmonica and other instruments.

Fun, interactive Skype lessons in a relaxed atmosphere

Setting up harmonica lessons with Steve Lockwood is quick and easy. Sessions are via Skype (or similar). Pay for your lesson and connect with Steve about your music requirements. Lessons are 50 minutes long, allowing 10 minutes for preparation. Scores and audio will be sent to your email or uploaded to Dropbox (or similar).


Book your time in advance and pre-purchase your harmonica lessons here.

What people are saying…

``I rather admire him``
-Larry Adler - Channel 4 TV (UK)
``My favourite harmonica player``
-Boo Hewerdine (UK Composer)
“Steve's harp blowing is the Caddy in a field of Fords”
-Barry Marshall-Everitt (House of Mercy Radio UK)
“Virtuoso performer and session player”
- David Greeves, Sound on Sound Recording Technology Magazine
``What a fabulous player``
-Sue Marchant - BBC Radio Cambridgeshire (UK)
``spark-spitting, genre-bending electric harmonica``
-Phil Ward, Pro Sound News (UK)
``Steve's one of the very best harmonica players around - his infectious energy is apparently endless, and the man's chops are just jaw-dropping.``
-Nick Watson www.fluidmastering.com
``Legendary harmonica virtuouso``
-The Elm Tree, Cambridge (UK)
``Harmonica wizard``
-Cambridge Folk Club (UK)

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Steve Lockwood has been actively teaching harmonica for years, and his tried-and-true ‘Cambridge Harmonica Method’ is sure to have you eager to learn as much as you can about this timeless, classic and powerful instrument. The Harmonica is incredibly versatile, and can be used in so many genres of music. The options are endless! Steve can work with you, in-depth to quickly learn the proper techniques so that you can fully explore the harmonica in a relaxed and cohesive way.


Have a look at what Steve’s students have to say about his unique and dynamic teaching method. For more about Steve Lockwood’s history and background, Learn More About the Teacher.

Get the right tools for the job

Meet the Singer / Songwriter’s New Best Friend


An ideal companion along your musical journey


Harmonicas are perfect for making melodies and coming up with hook lines… and they’re not just for Folk and Blues anymore. The Lee Oskar Harmonica System features altered tunings (in all keys), so you can include harmonica in many genres of music.


4 Different Tunings that add Flavor and Depth to your music!
Available in all keys
Folk, Country, Blues, Rock / Pop
R&B, Country, Jazz, Latin, Reggae, Pop, Afro, Clave, Ska
Minor Blues, Latin, Ska, Reggae, Funk, R&B, Hip Hop
Yiddish, Eastern European, Reggae, Tango, Gypsy, Asian